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Gratitude for Life’s Experiences By Julie Feld


"Thank you for being my ‘Greatest Teacher.'" – Buddha


The opportunity to experience this quote every day is to be grateful for the possibilities of learning something new every day. This school of life we each live in is the perfect mirror of our internal way of being.


My experience of studying with Joey Klein over the past nine years has built the foundation of Buddha’s greatest teacher quote. My first 58 years of life were filled with endless experiences. It is only within the last nine years that the depth of these experiences has been fully understood. 


Another quote, "I can’t see the forest for the trees" describes my prior existence. I lacked the awareness to not only look outside the forest but to become comfortable enough to step out and gain a more unobstructed view of what Buddha was referencing. I didn’t know what I didn’t know!


I had read self-help books and attended seminars, yet something was missing. I discovered the missing link was becoming aware of and accountable for my way of being. Joey offers the "how-to" tools that have become my greatest teacher.

Stepping into the Conscious Transformation, CT 101 practices of:


  • Awareness – Accept and be authentic of my current way of thinking and feeling.
  • Choice –Learn how to show up differently. Be empowered to choose a new outcome.
  • Decision – Define the state of being that supports my outcome.
  • Focus – Consistently practice the thoughts and emotions that create my new state of being, my outcome, and my reality.
  • Realization – Allow the new state to become an everyday experience.


When we cut to the chase applying the "how-to" tools life looks very different; the greatest teacher is different for each of us depending on our life experience. And yet the tools are applicable regarding our humble approach of digging deep and taking ownership of our thoughts, emotions, and actions that drive our very existence.


Each external trigger we experience is an opportunity to own our emotions and shift them into emotions that align with who we really are on the inside — creating opportunities for awareness, choice, decision, focus, and realization.


During my meditation this morning, I had the realization that my greatest teachers have shown up in distinctly different ways.


My first greatest teacher in each instance I am "not aligned" with the highest of consciousness that I choose through my thoughts, emotions, and actions is feeling uncomfortable. Usually, those closest to me are the triggers that support awareness of what I get to own about myself. There are world conditions that are also triggers I cannot deny. Each of these triggers is expressed as a lack of acceptance defined as judgment. Yikes! This perfect mirror of my internal discomfort is palpable. Thank you for showing me my way of being at that moment. These moments clearly do not align with the highest of consciousness. Thank you for being my greatest teacher!


My second greatest teacher is my daughter, Mandy. The connection we have with one another is easy, effortless, and fun-filled with laughter. Acceptance, love, and joy is our state of being when we are together. Whether we are sipping coffee, shopping, chatting on the phone, or listening to Joey’s guided meditations, these life experiences with her are aligned and fulfilling. This perfect mirror is our natural way of being that we can choose to wear each day. I guess we can call this teacher, my best friend! I can also express this relationship as soulful.


My third greatest teacher is recognizing and experiencing the difference between my first and second teachers, and then doing something different to step into my second greatest teacher’s way of being.


Now the question of a lifetime is ‘How do I recreate the beautiful, loving connection that I have with Mandy as an everyday occurrence with everyone and everything I experience? 


Ahhh . . .Lifestyle . . .

Despite the one-and-done mentality that I was hoping life would offer, I now cannot deny the humbling truth of practicing the highest of consciousness every day, knowing the possibility of learning something new every day really exists.


Meditative practices are the perfect mind and emotion workouts that support our greatest teacher. Taking the time to go inward is sometimes challenging in the beginning, but after a little more practice can become filled with ‘aha’ moments that are life-changing. That resistance can move into gratitude very quickly.


I am grateful beyond words for my studies and guided meditations with Joey as my Greatest Teacher! He speaks often to teaching self-mastery as his primary focus. He is fulfilling his vision! 


Who are your greatest teachers?


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Julie is a certified trainer and Conscious Transformation energy practitioner with a practice in Morrison, Colorado. Known for the nurturing, unconditional care she gives her clients, Julie’s gratifying practice is a testament to her compassionate nature and business-oriented mind.


Julie started her entrepreneurship creating a prosperous family business that continues to flourish thirty-five years later. She also established a horse ranch from the ground up, raising show-status Quarter horses. While developing and implementing her businesses, Julie raised a family, including two beautiful children.


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