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When Doubt Became a Choice by Heidi Udengaard


"The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new."  -Socrates

Yes! Doubt is a choice; isn’t that amazing?

This new awareness totally changed my life seven years ago when I started working with Joey Klein and implemented the tools of Conscious Transformation.

Doubt was one of my driving forces. I could always rely on doubt to show up in my role as a mom, running a business, in my romantic relationship and financially. Whenever there was a decision to make, doubt would show its face. When I look back, I can see how it imprisoned me to stay in the same spot. But at the time there was also a sense of familiarity, it was a very well-known emotion, and therefore it felt safe.

It seemed natural that doubt should be present. If I was tired, of course, I would doubt whether I should work out or not, or when I looked at my account, and there was no money, of course, I doubted if I could ever be rich. The stories that I told myself were, "How can I ever make this happen?  Maybe this is too hard for me to accomplish; it’s only possible for others because they have more power to do it. I should be like other moms. Maybe my body is telling me not to travel this much." And I could continue on. My experience was that doubt was a natural thing because it seemed like natural concerns in my life.

I realized that doubt always had me taking off in many different directions. When doubt was active, it seemed like this wasn’t the right thing to do, and so I changed direction. That led to many disappointments and frustrations. My experience was that I never ended up where I wanted to go.

When I was doubting, it felt like a tornado that didn’t move anywhere. Lots of thoughts were flashing through my head, but always just in circles. After I started working with Joey Klein, bit by bit, I implemented the belief, "What I feel in this moment is not who I am; it’s just a trained emotional pattern playing out, which means that I can shift this pattern." Knowing that I have a choice changed my perspective on the world and my life.

My vision is to be love, share love and support others in instant transformation. Over the last seven years, I’ve been traveling back and forth from Denmark to Joey’s weekend programs in Denver, Austin, Kansas City and Los Angeles. I’ve seen my patterns transform again and again.

In the past I would have run in a different direction after some time, resisting change, jetlag, having no money, time away from my kids and the feelings of being unsafe and fearful for not knowing my next step. Today, I have adopted a new belief around doubt. Doubt is a Choice. It’s perfectly okay that doubt shows up, but I don’t let it divert me from what is aligned with my vision. I ask myself, "If doubt isn’t here, which emotion surfaces and what thoughts are present?"

My mother gave me a card with this quote when I started my journey with CT:

"It’s impossible, said pride.
It’s risky, said fear.
It’s pointless, said reason.
Give it a try! whispered the heart."

Yes! I’ve learned to do it anyway. I get inspired by my heart and take the next step toward my vision and create a meaningful impact.

Doubt is just an emotion; it’s not defining who you are. You define who you are. How wonderfully liberating is that! Imagine a world where people are aware of how they can train their emotional response and align their emotional patterns with the dream they want to create.

My heart overflows when I have students in a one-on-one training session or in a class who experience this transformative moment – when they become aware that they can decide how to relate to a situation or decision. They always pause for a moment before their facial expression changes and a sense of peace and expansion shows up.

I’ve seen moms who mostly related to their kids with fear, shift to acceptance and joy. I’ve seen a teacher who shifted how she related to a child in her class from frustration to curiosity and gratitude. I’ve seen a construction manager shift his rage towards an entrepreneur to authenticity and inspiration. I’ve seen a husband who felt betrayed by his wife, shift his grief and unworthiness to acceptance and gratitude, followed by freedom.

No matter where you are in life, training the belief that Emotions Are a Choice can shift your whole reality, for you and your impact on other people. Conscious Transformation provides an amazing, unwavering support on this journey of change and making your dreams a reality.

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Heidi Udengaard runs her own clinic in Denmark as a Certified Conscious Transformation Trainer and Energy Practitioner as well as Cranial-Sacral Therapist. She strives to create a space for her clients that allows them to be seen for who they truly are. She loves dancing and being in nature, especially near the ocean.

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