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Physical Mastery

The third part of the Transformation Series focuses on Physical Mastery, providing guidance on how to create a life of optimal health and well-being. Most people think of the body as the mechanism which allows us to take physical action, but it is also the container for our mind, emotion and spirit. It is exquisitely designed to support us in experiencing the joys of life, but without proper care, instead of experiencing vibrancy and optimal health, we become tired, achy or sick. We lack the ability to fully enjoy the blessings of life and to engage in all the physical activities we desire. In this program, Joey will show you how to bring the body into a state of alignment and balance, and create a life of physical health and true vitality.

This program will teach you how to:

  • Understand the body as consciousness and energy
  • Bring conscious awareness to eating, creating a healthy relationship to food
  • Strengthen and balance the body by learning how to exercise consciously

Benefits of this program include:

  • Learn how to generate internal power, or life force, within the body to create vitality and well-being
  • Create a better relationship with the body and be more attuned to its communications
  • Develop a natural inclination to make decisions and take action that will support your optimal health and well-being


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