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Emotional Mastery

The second part of the Transformation Series focuses on Emotional Mastery, featuring a unique approach to accessing the power of emotional intelligence. Emotions are present in every aspect of our lives and have an impact on every decision we make. Research now shows that emotional intelligence is the key to healthy relationships, career success and overall satisfaction with life. Thankfully, emotional intelligence is something that can both be learned and continually improved throughout life.

Each emotion we feel creates a lens through which we view the world. Reality will appear one way if we see through a lens of anger, and completely different when viewed through a lens of joy. Without mastering our emotions, many are stuck viewing the world through unconscious patterns of negativity. However, it is within our power to choose a new, positive lens to create a life of joy and meaning. When we choose our emotions and take action from an intentional space, the world shifts around us, making life a creative, exciting, passionate adventure.

This program will teach you how to:

  • Identify your emotional patterns, how they hold you back and how to shift them
  • Recognize your triggers and learn how to use them to develop your emotional intelligence
  • Understand the emotions of your family, friends and coworkers and how you can support them, transforming your circle of influence
  • Be in the emotional state you choose, regardless of what is happening around you

Benefits of this program include:

  • Experience more peace and fulfillment in everyday life
  • Achieve the vision you have for yourself, including your health, family, career and financial goals
  • Enjoy more fulfilling personal and professional relationships
  • Enhance business productivity and achieve stronger, measurable results


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