Here’s What People Just Like You Are Saying

"Joey Klein has artfully bridged ancient traditions with burgeoning Western scientific and biomedical research. He shares powerful testimony and vivid examples of the benefits achieved through this intentional training.” Michael W., MD, Emergency Medicine Physician.

"I have been able to pull myself out of the grey area of emotions that had been normal to me for as long as I can remember, and truly feel happiness, joy, and excitement." Erica K.

"I am newly able to see when I’m being resistant to change. I see it all the time now and take action from a different place." Kirsten W.

"I appreciate the inspiration Joey provides and the way things are broken down into actionable tools I can apply to shift states of fear." Chris G.

"I learned that my triggers can be short lived and that shifting to a love-based state is a matter of training. I was able to return home and do this immediately with a relationship that has been estranged since 2004." Michelle W.

"I was able to let go of a ton of anxiety I had been carrying around." Caitlyn F.

"I know a more meaningful and fulfilling relationship with my wife and children." Matt L.

"I am able to control my emotions at a level I never dreamed possible and shift them to a positive state." Marna E.

"I noticed how much more comfortable and open I am talking to new people and to introducing myself. I love that I have the freedom to choose the state I wish to hold around others." Jenny H.

"I can recognize how far I have come in managing my emotions and I yearn to further understand how to remain serene in the face of triggered adversity." Charles D.

"I feel a sense of vitality and freedom in my body beyond what I have ever known before." Laina E.

"I have found more success and fulfillment in my life than I ever thought possible." Patrice S.

"I now see myself as the creator of everything in my life and therefore put intention into each day." Ann E.