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Nothing Ever Works Out for Me by Ben Dulaney


"Try not to become a man of success. Rather become a man of value." – Albert Einstein

Before starting the work of Conscious Transformation, I was disappointed and frustrated with where I was at in life. I had nothing but a string of unfulfilling jobs, failed business attempts and broken relationships to show for it. I carried the strong belief that nothing ever works out for me, and I had no idea that I was actually the one unconsciously creating my results by way of the emotions that were driving my actions and dictating my behavior. I was impacting not only my life but the lives of everyone around me, leaving a path of broken promises and heartache. This left me feeling empty, and others hurt and let down because I did not fulfill on their expectations. I looked back at my past and was convinced the belief that nothing ever works out for me was true because I had the evidence to back it up. Or, so I thought.

I grew up with this knowing in the back of my mind that I was going to make it big. I just knew I was going to be rich, own lots of homes, travel the world whenever I wanted and drive fancy cars, so I went to college to be a computer programmer. While I was in college, I started to doubt that I was going to enjoy being a computer programmer. The thought of being stuck at an office behind a computer all day lead me to blow off school work, turning in projects late, and not doing well on tests. I started to think that college was boring and holding me back from making a ton of money, so I opened up a record store selling vinyl records to DJs.

The record store lasted a couple of years until sales started slumping and the income wasn’t covering the expenses. I ended up closing down to do something else. I had some excuse like, DJs are moving away from using vinyl, to validate my actions. Next, I got a job in sales that didn’t bring me success. Then, I went from that job to another job, which was the same kind of job but selling something different. I thought that maybe this job would be better than the last. It wasn’t. I kept moving the external part of my life called "career" around hoping for a fulfilling internal experience.

I continued to go from one job to the next to the next for more than 15 years. Each time I would start a new opportunity, I was all excited about the possibilities. Inevitably, something would come up or not work out. One time, they changed the commission structure on me. One time, I found out the product was not as good as I originally thought. One time, the company I worked for went out of business. I had experience after experience of never quite getting to where I thought I was going to get. It wasn’t until I ran into Conscious Transformation that I really learned what was going on.

I went to my first Conscious Transformation workshop in order to be successful. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I was going from opportunity to opportunity in order to feel successful, a sense of pride and a sense of fulfillment. I thought that if I somehow became a millionaire, or owned houses throughout the country, or drove a certain kind of car that I would finally be okay. I didn’t realize that putting those pieces of my life in order wouldn’t bring about that feeling of success or fulfillment.

Through the work of Conscious Transformation, I identified the belief that nothing ever works out for me as well as some deep-seated feelings of guilt, unworthiness, disappointment and anger that were all driving my actions. In trying to avoid feeling those emotions, I jumped into whatever new opportunity was being offered, and the beliefs I held would have me feeling frustrated and disappointed when things looked like they weren’t working out. I would quit my job or close my business to try this new thing I thought had more promise. It would usually sound like, Maybe, this is not the right opportunity for me or This is the universe telling me that this is not my path or This is not my purpose. Then just like I was pressing the repeat button, I would start on a new project, job or business.

Using the Power of Focus techniques, I have been able to identify beliefs like, I don’t know what to do, I can’t figure it out and Nothing ever works out for me. Using these techniques, I have also rewired new thought patterns in the neurology of my brain to respond to opportunities: I’ve got this, I can figure it out and My life just keeps getting better and better. Now, I find myself engaging in new and exciting activities that have brought about more success than I’ve ever known.

I have retrained my brain using the Power of Emotions techniques, from being stuck in frustration, guilt and despair to reinforcing fulfillment, passion and joy. From this place, I’ve been able to inspire myself to take actions that have led me to greater and more profound experiences and opportunities. I now live inside of a sense of fulfillment and joy that were once just fantasies in my mind.

If you are looking for a way to really experience your potential and the richness of life, I invite you to Sign Up for the Power Series either on your own or better yet with the support of a Trainer-Led Class.

Immersed in Joey Klein’s Conscious Transformation since 2013, Ben nurtures his passion for personal growth and knowledge. Founding Transformation Nashville in 2015, Ben grows the community in Tennessee facilitating Inner Matrix Groups, organizing Conscious Transformation community meetings, and as a Certified Trainer and Energy Practitioner, facilitates transformation in others helping them realize their full potential and live lives filled with peace, love and joy. Ben’s involvement in the Transformational Art and Music Movement and love of travel extend his reach in teaching far beyond his home in Tennessee.

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