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My Father in Me: Our Shared Energy of Money! by Julie Feld


"Money is any item or verifiable record that is generally accepted as payment for goods and services and repayment of debts in a particular country or socio-economic context." – Wikipedia

The definition certainly sounds simple. Then why does the subject of money cause such anxiety to many, whether they are wealthy or poor?

Our initial relationship to money begins with training from our parents. I have spent many years hearing the echoed expressions from people that mimic their parents’ beliefs regarding this puzzling subject. Books are written about it, classes are taught about it, and many dinner tables are saturated with lively discussions around money.

Except me… I was never exposed to those discussions. I learned later in life that my dad, who was in the insurance and financing business, would never allow those types of conversations around his young children. He felt strongly that kids should be treated as kids, to truly enjoy those years without any worries of money.

I heard stories about Dad, how during WWII he sold candy and cigarettes to the other soldiers to make some extra money. He had a sense of joy and fulfillment as he spoke about those days and how the soldiers were thrilled with the exchange. Dad enjoyed life. He was a very generous man. His contributions to his community are felt even today. He loved to travel, to fish, to tinker in his wood shop (including building a play house for my brother and me), architectural drawings, and entertaining with my mom. The best way to describe my dad: he lived in a state of joy. Within that ‘state of joy,’ he spent most of his life studying the art of money with his investments, stocks, bonds and his financing business.

Bless his heart, he might not have known it, but he broke the cycle of fear in relationship to money by embodying Joy. Freedom! He created a healthy relationship with money via his emotions and knowledge. I am forever grateful.

My mother, on the other hand, remained in that fear of lack. Dad did a great job of protecting us from our mother’s fears. Though our parents both grew up in the Depression, they experienced different thoughts, emotions and actions.

Dad came home one day with a house boat. He was cool like that! Choosing playful weekends at the lake for family time was memorable. He surprised me at Christmas with my first horse when I was ten. My heart’s desire! Having that opportunity to enjoy a loving playful relationship with "Babe" had an impact on me as I developed my horse ranch many years later. Dad came home a few years later with an RV for family trips.

A few hours after the birth of my first child, I received a gorgeous bouquet of roses in the hospital. . . "Love, Dad." When it was time for number two to be born, my mother let me know that I had already received roses with my first. "You don’t need more flowers." A few hours after that birth I received yet another beautiful vase of red roses with a loving card from my dad.

All of these gestures were without attaching the subject of money to any of them. Only the joy of experiencing life with his family!

As a teenager, my appreciation and education of money began unfolding as Dad decided it was time for me to learn about finances and investments. His knowledge and life experiences became an ongoing learning ground that spills into my everyday life.

The teachings from Joey Klein and Conscious Transformation over the past seven years has supported and expanded this knowledge:

• Beliefs drive our thoughts and actions
Is it time to re-evaluate our beliefs around the subject of money? What habits or patterns show up when thinking of money — Unworthiness, Anxiety, Jealousy, Overwhelmed?

• Where I focus, my energy goes
Is the focus on scarcity or lack? Or the focus of abundance? Abundance of knowledge, wisdom and wealth!

• What I think I create
Today always brings new opportunities to transform thoughts, words and actions into higher states of being.

As my life stories continue, I am filled with gratitude for the energy of money, knowing everything is energy, even my thoughts and emotions. As I pay bills, I am grateful for the exchange.

I attended the weekend program, Money Mastery, with Joey Klein. He taught powerful practices to stop the cycle of fear around finances, enabling people to move forward into a healthy relationship with money. His expertise and teachings are what my dad embodied. I wish they could have met. The entire weekend was life changing for all in attendance as we realized our own conditioning could shift into values, in any area of our lives, that align with our choice of lifestyle!

Explore your internal patterns and learn practices to shift those that are holding you back.

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Julie Feld is a trainer in Denver, Colorado. Julie is a successful entrepreneur several times over, a certified trainer and Conscious Transformation energy practitioner with a practice in Morrison, Colorado. Known for the nurturing, unconditional care she gives her clients, Julie’s gratifying practice is a testament to her compassionate nature and business-oriented mind.


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