Matt Labosco

Matthew is the founder of the Vitality Center in Pasadena, CA and the creator of a new discipline in physical rehabilitation called Corrective Movement Therapy. He has been studying with Joey Klein since 2012, fully embracing the Conscious Transformation teachings from his introduction. As well as being a certified Conscious Transformation Trainer, he is also a certified Energy Practitioner. Matthew is devoted to his family, including his wife Eve and his two young children, Christian and Emma. Matthew has implemented the teachings of Conscious Transformation into all aspects of his life including family, business and physical health and well-being.

Matthew’s passion for empowering others to access a life of health and vitality is unwavering. Since 2005, he has rehabilitated over a thousand people to avoid unnecessary surgery and heal all types of injuries. He is now ecstatic to serve clients where he believes the biggest impact can be created — through the mind, emotion and spirit. Matthew works one-on-one with clients around the country and teaches classes in the greater Los Angeles area.


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Mentoring sessions are one on one customized private training calls with a certified Conscious Transformation Trainer to support you in creating the extraordinary experience you wish to have in life.