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Let Freedom Ring by Lori Schlotzhauer


"The secret to happiness is freedom and the secret to freedom is courage." – Thucydides

I have been studying the principles of Conscious Transformation for 11 years. When people ask me what differences I have noticed within myself, I tell them that I have a greater sense of peace and freedom. I reflected on the word "freedom" and realized that it is something that I feel but it is challenging to describe what it is for me. So, I will do my best to explain what freedom means to me and how it has impacted my life.

I grew up in a small town in Missouri. There wasn’t much to do around town. We cruised 7 Highway, saw friends on the weekends, went to our high school’s athletic events or went to parties. After graduation, some of my classmates went off to college but many stayed in town, got married and had children. I grew up in a middle-class household and many people that I knew stayed in town and got a job right after high school. I remember thinking that there must be something so much greater in the world than this small town. But it is all I knew at the time.

Imagine living in a cage only knowing what you’ve known in your cage. You would think that this is all that exists and seek for nothing more. You would only know what you know. I lived in a cage of a limited life for many years, but somewhere inside of me, I knew that I could leave the cage. I not only lived in a cage of living in a small town, but also lived in a cage of emotions such as scarcity, insecurity, unworthiness, anxiety and sadness. I also lived with thoughts and beliefs about myself and the world that aligned with these emotions I felt. This is all I knew.

I remember the day when I made the biggest autonomous decision for myself. It’s like it happened yesterday. It was a few months before my high school graduation. I sat down with my mom and said, "Mom, I am not ready to be out in the world yet. I want to go to college and I will find a way to pay for it." I believe that this courageous decision is what sent me on the trajectory to where I am today.

Fast forward, I received my Bachelor’s of Science (the first person in my family to graduate from college!) and went on to receive my Master’s Degree in Physical Therapy. Fast forward even more, I met Joey Klein and began the practices of becoming aware of my limited thinking, disparaging beliefs and fear based emotions. Not only did I become aware of these patterns but have been able to shift my thoughts and emotions to create an innate joy, deeper love and connections with my friends and family, and a great passion when I wake up every day. I now know that anything is possible, that I can create whatever I choose if I simply align myself with it and believe that it is possible.

From making that first big decision for myself in high school, to my life experiences and to my consistent practices of Conscious Transformation, I stepped out of the "cage" that I once knew, and I stepped out of only surviving in life, to truly thriving in life. This is freedom to me. Being able to live a life free from the shackles of doubt and insecurity and the weight of unworthiness, anxiety and fear. This freedom has allowed me to run a successful business for 12 years, have fulfilling connection in my relationships, walk in the world with confidence, and experience compassion and joy with people and the planet.

I can’t say it has always been "rainbows and unicorns," as they say, because the cage emerges from time to time, in the form of beliefs, emotions and sometimes appears in the physical world as an attachment of some kind. Through my practice I become aware, and through my courage I have a choice. I am grateful for this amazing journey and I choose to be free.

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Lori Schlotzhauer is a certified Conscious Transformation trainer and energy practitioner with expertise in physical therapy. She is the founder and owner of Health+Harmony in Denver, Colorado. Since the inception of Health+Harmony in 2006, Lori has provided an integrative approach to her clients, while treating them in a nurturing, comforting environment.


  • This is SO meaningful to me today. I know there is so much more in the world to discover and the explanation of the cage here is exactly spot on. Thank you Lori!

  • Lori I too have a vision of freedom. I am so inspired by your story which totally resonated with me. Thank you for your courageous sharing of your story.

  • Thank you all for your comments. I so enjoyed writing the article. I am glad that you are finding it inspiring.

  • Thank you Lori for the courage to share your story. My vision includes FREEDOM too. I see how I continue to go back to my cage, when I need to find the COURAGE to step out of it! Inspirational!!! Blessings!

  • What can I say? That “cage” keeps redefining itself but now I have the tools needed to step out of it and define a new life for myself. I have recreated myself so many times I can’t even count them any more. Thank you for affirming how wonderful the journey is.

  • I’ve worked with Lori both in a transformation group and in a therapy session. I can comfortably say “Lori you are a wonderful person, inspirational, and connected. Thank you for being someone who has touched my life.”
    ie. She’s the bees knees!

  • Thank you so much for sharing, Lori! You truly are an inspiration to me and set such a beautiful example of the what life can look like if we choose it!

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