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The Transformation Series Online Training

is a powerful and accessible personal development
system. Its four parts give you the tools and training
to transform every aspect of your life.


Learn to…

  • Create a life you truly love
  • Stand apart, thriving personally and professionally
  • Live from a consistent state of love and peace
  • Focus your mind for greater clarity and productivity
  • Shift your emotions to see expanded possibilities
  • Say goodbye to patterns that don’t serve you
  • Create exceptional relationships
  • Live fully
The four-part series gives you the tools and training to transform every aspect of your life.

Accessible anytime from your computer or mobile device.
Connect and create life-long friends in our online community.

How It Works

There are four parts to The Transformation Series – Power of Focus, Power of Emotion, Power of Vision and Power of Intuition – each comprised of 12 sessions. Each session builds on the last, helping you develop greater awareness and increasing your capacity to create the life you want.

Watch your inbox, then log in.

Each week you’ll receive an email alerting you
it’s time to log in and begin a new session.

Watch or listen to the teaching.

A 20-minute introduction from Joey
on a key aspect of personal transformation.

Listen to the inner training/meditation daily.

A guided 20-minute reflective exercise
that you do each day, ideally first thing
in the morning or just before bed.

Listen to the action plan.

Then check-in throughout the day to strengthen
your inner training.

Access the additional resources.

There is a worksheet for each session,
along with transcripts of the teaching,
inner training/meditation and action plan.

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