J.D. Bloom

J.D. is an attorney, businessman and ordained minister. As a lawyer, he was a partner in a firm and specialized in corporate law and estate planning. He then went on to serve as part of the senior management team for an international spiritual organization. He currently is a certified trust and financial advisor working with high net-worth individuals.

J.D. is a certified Conscious Transformation Energy practitioner. He has been a student of Joey Klein since 2005. J.D. is committed to sharing this work with the world because of the profound impact it has had on his own life, as well as witnessing first-hand the transformation that others experience. J.D. discovered Joey’s teachings at a time of deep despair in his own life when nothing seemed to alleviate his suffering. But through applying the tools of Conscious Transformation, he quickly shifted into a state of great passion and joy for life.


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