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Free Nine-Week Meditation Practice

Welcome to Conscious Transformation’s Nine-Week Meditation Practice based on Joey Klein’s book, The Inner Matrix. It is a mindfulness practice that has produced inspiring results for people around the world.

Each week, you will receive a new daily meditation, checking-in practice and journaling exercise to allow you to deeply integrate these teachings into your daily life. Practices include a short video and a full audio recording of the daily meditation.

Free Nine Week Meditation Course
The course is specifically designed to help you create a consistent daily meditation practice, the benefits of which include an increased level of awareness, the ability to shift mental, emotional and physical patterns, an enhanced spiritual connection and myriad physical benefits such as lower blood pressure, better sleep and boosted immune system.

Whether you are an experienced meditator or beginning a practice for the first time, this technique is accessible and enriching.

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The Inner Matrix illuminates a proven approach to living a truly rich and meaningful life – one more deeply connected to spirit.