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Faith and the Questing Spirit by Anastacia Armstrong


"The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and all science." – Albert Einstein

I choose to believe the questing spirit — the courageous part of our soul that faces fear and steps into the unknown — lives inside each and every one of us. To have a passionate relationship with the unknown is also to have an intimacy with faith. Through my training with Conscious Transformation and in my quest to embody an authentic sense of purpose, I have come to understand that faith is not always an automatic, inherited state of being, but can be awakened and consciously trained through our emotions.

It has been my experience that many people take having a sense of faith for granted, assuming it’s a state that anyone can easily access. People offer support saying things like, "Just have faith!" or, "When one door closes, another door opens!" But rarely does anyone ever speak about the empty room in between the doors, where we sit inside the belly of fear and wait for the new door to magically open. In that liminal and undefined space, inside the discomfort of the unknown, the biological impulse is to run, often leading to a mad dash back through the familiar door of predictability. But not the questing spirit! The questing part of our spirit knows that the familiar door often leads to a slow death and therefore willfully chooses to stay in the turbulent stillness, accessing the mystery. This willful choice is to choose faith — igniting fire in the heart, blazing and lighting the path through the darkness of uncertainty. Then, and usually only then, the new door swings open to unimaginable experiences and opportunity!

Today, faith is one of the most vital, nourishing and inspiring elements of my practice, and the way I navigate through the mystery of my co-created dance with life. However, this was not always the case. Growing up with a devout atheist mother, virtually all our conversations centered around current political events and topics that only had the evidence and backing of "proven science." The word faith or anything insinuating unseen or unknown phenomenon were, quite literally, forbidden topics, planting in me an ever-present seed of doubt. Yet my spirit held on to a secret treasure I kept hidden and safe deep inside, knowing there was more to my existence than what I was being told…

Desperate to discover the purpose of life, I set off on my own, traveled the world many times, and experienced numerous life-threatening adventures in an attempt to alleviate an empty restlessness. Seeking as a faithless wanderer, no matter where I traveled I always seemed to end up in the same place again –questioning, doubting and unfulfilled. The more I began to get what I thought I wanted, the deeper my longing for meaning became. In 2011, just after I barely survived one of my harrowing sailing "adventures," I looked up into a stormy sky and yelled out loud, "I need to change!" Just one week later, I met Joey Klein. That day I began my education and training with my emotions. And on that day, the door to freedom opened and I dove into the most mind-altering explorational adventure of all. I felt connected to something beyond me that I couldn’t explain.

This emotional work, now called Emotional Mastery, literally poured life force into me. When I began to learn that emotion was energy that I had been internally creating, I accessed my power. Life as I knew it began to transform. And when I learned that nobody was responsible for my emotions and I wasn’t responsible for anyone else’s emotions, I knew I had found my holy grail.

Through consistent practice, I continue to learn and refine how to resonate: transforming my fear based emotions into expansive states. Time and time again, I have experienced miracles through this process, in myself and what I have witnessed in others. Through love, I discovered how to merge with the laws of resonance, providing an unexpected vehicle for my faith. And this unique thread of faith has connected me into the tapestry of humanity: I am no longer separate.

Everyday in my work as a trainer, I experience courageous human beings who are willing to face their fears, step into the unknown, and focus on love as a force to create with. We are all explorers in different times of life. Every leap of faith is a giant step toward evolution. To dare to explore somewhere you have never been before is a way to access aliveness. And to be alive and vibrant is a service to humanity. Aliveness is a free and priceless contribution everyone can choose. It ignites and influences inspiration and illuminates a path for others to follow. To seek the unknown and to courageously step into the infinite mystery is to choose to be alive.

The Conscious Transformation system gave me access to a tangible practice with practical implementation that has ultimately helped me harmonize the laws of the universe with the mystery of the unknown. I have learned to access my faith and tap into the supreme guidance of my questing spirit. Through this training I have discovered we are all powerful creators in the world and have a choice to create through the energy of love. I now have faith in all the unseen forces that guide me, faith in the goodness of humanity, and faith in myself when I am love. Love gives us the ability to see. The resonance of love can and does change and influence the frequency of the whole. And here, my faith has led to ultimate purpose.

Honor the call within you and learn practices to step into love and aliveness.

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Anastacia Armstrong teaches throughout Central Oregon and serves on the Conscious Transformation Energy Practices Leadership Team, supporting and guiding others as they step into their own potential. She is a professional musician serving as a conduit for others to experience transformation on a deeper level. Anastacia has cultivated her entrepreneurial acumen as President of the International Art Organization and Wildlife Artisans, while creating and managing successful businesses, focused in the healing arts.


  • Oh wow! Anastacia!
    And there’s no place to share this on Facebook etc. Is there some reason this is not available to every person? I know a large community expressing interest in just these thoughts and programs. How do I go about putting them in touch? May I copy and paste this into an email to all of my clients?

  • That’s awesome, Cindy! So grateful the post was so meaningful for you! You can copy the link to this page and post it on Facebook. Or you could share it from the main Conscious Transformation – Joey Klein Facebook page. It is posted there. Much love!

  • I appreciated your mention of the space in between. That semi uncomfortable place filled with both fear and possibility. I’m there at the moment.

  • Wow!! Profound and beautifully written. I especially loved the part about courage to face the unknown with love. So timely for me! Thank you Anastacia.

  • This is so great Anastacia. So well written and true. Faith is an uncomfortable uncertainty at times. But this uncertainty is the most powerful place to be. All potential is there 🙂 Love you always xo Sharilyn

  • You are an amazing woman! I love you to the moon. This a beautiful and true, you have always been a stunning soul and helped me grow just by spending time with you. I am so happy you have crossed into your thriving comfort zone!!!

  • Yesssss! Thank you for illustrating the turbulent stillness of the in between…I’m waiting for the new door to open. I have faith it will open. Your words came at right time. So grateful for you Anastacia!

  • What an inspirational writing … I especially resonated with the paragraph referencing “We are all explorers in different times of life. Every leap of faith is a giant step toward evolution …. ” Thank You Anastacia for sharing your journey into this work! With Peace & Joy, Health, Laughter & Love …

  • Thank you Anastacia for this moving piece of art! It intrigues me, and stirs within me how connected we all are beyond culture, religion and time through the power of faith and the universal archetype of the ‘questing spirit.’ Life is a quest if we declare it to be—an epic and fantastical journey to embody our true essence, which in turn uplifts the ‘tapestry of humanity’ that we are all connected to. The ‘intimacy with faith’ really is the intimacy with ourselves.  Being courageous enough to sit in courage and vulnerability with oneself in that space between the doors. Then choosing with faith, to walk through the door of the unknown–which ironically is the known, as each new and mysterious door is a quest back to one’s spirit, back to the Love that is the Whole.
    I love how you fuse the mystical, ancient and ethereal laws of the universe with the practical, modern and real to achieve a life of love, purpose, influence and service.  The magical becomes the practical, and the ancient becomes the modern.  The last line echo’s in my heart: ”…my faith has led to ultimate purpose.”  What an inspiration you are!!!

  • Poignant and articulate, your writing touched me deeply, Anastacia. Thank you for sharing your authentic self, once again. I love the idea of the “questing spirit”, makes me think of the Native American “vision quest” and seeking the Holy Grail. Powerful expressions of FAITH and LOVE, knowing there are those spaces in-between that are dark, and call us to an unknown place. Your writing from the heart is so inspirational. Much Love, Joy & PEACE!

  • Anastacia, this article is so eloquently written with so much passion, and inspiration. I loved reading every word.

  • This is such a beautiful piece of writing Anastacia. You have communicated your life’s work in such an eloquent and profound way. It honestly inspires empowered conscious thought and is a brilliant reminder that we are all capable creators of love. Can you imagine the incredible impact on a global scale if we all practiced the Conscious Transformation system? These teachings can benefit all.

  • This is such a beautiful piece of writing Anastacia. You have communicated your life’s work in such an eloquent and profound way. It honestly inspires empowered conscious thought and serves as a reminder that we are capable creators of love in this world. Can you imagine the impact globally if we all practiced conscious transformation? Just brilliant!

  • Annestacia, thank you so much for sharing. Always so beautifully articulated and passionately expressed. It resonates beyond the words with me. Each time I reread your writings here with it touches my spirit and lifts me in my resonance toward all that matters in me. You dedication toward being a guiding light to those who seek is so truly moving and I am very deeply grateful for all you express and share.
    Much love and gratitude

  • Anastacia
    Reading this & experiencing this sharing of the questing spirit by you was so visceral to my being as well as music to my soul. My mind relates and can obtain the teaching/ interpretation of Faith in such a practical way while my mystic self bubbles with delight and expansion. While reading it was as if I took this mysterious ‘black box’ of what I labeled as “Faith” and morphed it into an infinite power source like an electrical power grid full of energy potential and gravitational force… much like the Sun.
    If I can account to having doubt in the unknown, surely I can account to having Faith in the unknown… which journey do I choose.
    Thank you for sharing, teaching, guiding, harmonizing & forever questing.

  • As I age and “sage”, it becomes more and more apparent how important it is to avoid crystalizing, face my fears and open doors that I’ve kept shut for many years. It’s time to get out of my own way.
    Thank you sweet daughter for being my inspiration, my ever-shining light.
    Love Dad

  • Dearest Anastacia,
    Nothing can be added to your words and their eloquence. You have expressed clearly the journey of Faith and the Questing Spirit.

    I honor your acknowledgment of Love as the supreme gift we may receive and become in following this path.

    I am ever so Joyful in your encouragement to embrace Love completely and live our lives expressing its dynamics.

    I think this is the purpose of our being, to discover our own presence in the sea of Love and to awaken all aspects of ourselves to Love and then to express in all manner possible, Love. In this further becoming we recognize Beauty.

    It is with so much appreciation, and gratitude I receive your message.

    I acknowledge the dedication it took to assemble these words. I am certain it was a journey to open your heart so fully and fearlessly to examine, shape and translate your feelings into this beautiful, effective treatise.

    I, personally, cannot thank you enough for your effectiveness in our world.

  • An authentic look at faith and the power it holds. Thank you Anastasia for sharing such an important message with us.

  • Very beautifully written sister!
    I have watched you transform throughout the years of doing this work into a person who now passes so much wisdom and light to others. You are a true healer and I’m so happy you have found an outlet to share your tallents, depth and knowledge with the world.
    I feel very lucky to know you and to call you my sister!

  • This is really good stuff here. You continue to be fantastic as expected. I wanna hear more about these “harrowing sailing adventures” 🙂
    I heart you.

  • Thanks for showing this to me, pal. I don’t understand, but it looks as though lots of people do, and like it very much! See you in Denver in August– maybe you can help me get in touch with what you’re writing about.

  • Thank you Anastacia,
    Eloquent and graceful. You have been a light and a guide for me and I am forever grateful,

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