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Intensive TrainingMoney Mastery

Many people equate money with happiness. Yet we all know that joyful, giving person who has little material wealth and the tycoon who sits on a pile of cash but feels impoverished. Why is one person with little so content while the person with so much is miserable?

Join us to explore your internal patterns around money, and the subconscious thoughts, believe and concepts that drive your current relationship with your finances.

From there, define a new financial vision based on the lifestyle you want to live and a practical, easy to implement system to move toward your personal vision of abundance, reclaiming money as a powerful creative force in your life.

This program will teach you how to:

  • Identify and shift limiting beliefs about money
  • Create a financial vision that aligns with your lifestyle
  • Utilize a clear system to attain your financial goals


  • A healthy relationship with money
  • An expanded sense of what’s possible when you create from within
  • Clarity on how to achieve your financial goals



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Conscious Transformation