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There are many ways to begin your journey of self- improvement:

  • Read Joey Klein’s book The Inner Matrix which introduces you to the core practices of Conscious Transformation, providing practical and accessible tools to enrich your experience of life.
  • Join an Inner Matrix Group to practice with others, strengthening mind, emotion, body and spirit.
  • Take the Free Five-Week Meditation Series to learn the benefits of practice and how you can get started.
  • Attend a local Conscious Transformation Group in your community.
  • Join one of our online programs to explore various aspects of this transformative approach to personal development.


Sarah Retzer Spiritual Mastery Meditation Series
Wed Sep 27
Portland, OR
Online Mental Mastery Meditation Series Matt Labosco
Wed Oct 4
Virtual Online, FL
Mental Mastery KC
Fri Oct 13 – Sun Oct 15
Kansas City, MO
Money Mastery 2017 - Denver
Fri Nov 3 – Sun Nov 5
Denver, CO
Matt LaBosco Physical Mastery Series
Tue Nov 7 – Mon Nov 30
Jupiter, FL

Joey Klein’sThe Inner Matrix

In The Inner Matrix Joey Klein illuminates his proven personal development system for living a meaningful and fulfilling life.

Inner Matrix Groups deepen the book experience, meeting regularly in small groups to strengthen mind, emotion, body and spirit using tools based in cutting-edge neuroscience and ancient wisdom practices.


The Inner Matrix

Conscious Transformation