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There are many ways to begin your journey of self- improvement:

  • Read Joey Klein’s book The Inner Matrix which introduces you to the core practices of Conscious Transformation, providing practical and accessible tools to enrich your experience of life.
  • Join an Inner Matrix Group to practice with others, strengthening mind, emotion, body and spirit.
  • Take the Free Five-Week Meditation Series to learn the benefits of practice and how you can get started.
  • Attend a local Conscious Transformation Group in your community.
  • Join one of our online programs to explore various aspects of this transformative approach to personal development.


Spiritual Mastery Austin
Fri Feb 23 – Sun Feb 25
Austin, TX
Matt LaBosco - Spiritual Mastery Series
Tue Feb 27
Jupiter, FL
Mandy Benedict Mental Mastery Meditation Series Tuesday Evenings in Edwards
Tue Feb 27 – Mon Nov 30
Edwards, CO
Sarah Retzer - Mental Mastery Meditation Series
Wed Feb 28 – Mon Nov 30
Portland, OR
Laina Eskin Mental Mastery Meditation Series Thursday Afternoons in Edwards
Thu Mar 1 – Mon Nov 30
Edwards, CO

Joey Klein’sThe Inner Matrix

In The Inner Matrix Joey Klein illuminates his proven personal development system for living a meaningful and fulfilling life.

Inner Matrix Groups deepen the book experience, meeting regularly in small groups to strengthen mind, emotion, body and spirit using tools based in cutting-edge neuroscience and ancient wisdom practices.


The Inner Matrix

Conscious Transformation