Internal Energy Practice

Internal Energy Practice

For thousands of years, traditional healers, monks and many others following a spiritual path have practiced the cultivation of internal energy to support health and spiritual transformation. The Internal Energy Practice integrates these ancient principles with modern evidence-based methods from psychology and neuroscience to facilitate a natural state of well-being and harmony.

Internal Energy Practice unites ancient Korean, Chinese and Indian breath and movement practices that have been brought together and combined in a way that provides powerful support to the process of internal strengthening, cleansing and transformation. The sequence of accessible, yoga-like postures, breathing techniques and meditation practices are designed to both open energy pathways and strengthen the body, serving as an essential support in personal development.


  • Sleep in a way that is truly rejuvenating and restful
  • Sustain your energy all day, every day
  • Create greater flexibility in your muscles and joints
  • Support a healthy, strong energetic body even with a busy lifestyle
  • Manage stress so that you think clearly and maximize productivity
  • Connect with your spiritual, or higher self


Internal Energy Practice

The Internal Energy Practice 60-minute DVD is a guided series of poses and meditative techniques designed to cultivate and strengthen the internal energy within your physical body.

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