Become a Practitioner

The power of the certification program is not in learning about our energetic makeup and physiology, although that is part of what we do. Rather, it is in the learning that arises within us when we come together with a shared purpose. It is that purpose that can change the world. Practitioners that have engaged the certification process universally say it was one of the most personally transformative and satisfying experiences of their life.

Consistent practice over a period of time has been shown by medical studies to be the most effective way to create lasting changes in behavior and our internal experience of life. The certification program that Conscious Transformation provides has specific tools geared for personal growth and provides for the consistent practice that facilitates personal transformation. Consistent practice is a cornerstone of the certification process enabling lasting shifts in our own inner matrix.

Community provides the support needed to build a consistent lifestyle that will promote growth by providing a place to practice the principles and teachings with those of like mind and purpose. Part of what makes the practitioner program special is the experience of community and the opportunity it gives us to understand the importance of building lasting relationships in our lives. Conscious Transformation Energy practitioners enjoy not only the opportunity to serve others but also learn to experience everyday life from a place of higher awareness.



Internal Energy Practice

The Internal Energy Practice 60-minute DVD is a guided series of poses and meditative techniques designed to cultivate and strengthen the internal energy within your physical body.

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