Empowered Through Choice

By Matt LaBosco, Conscious Transformation Certified Trainer

conscious transformation practitioners matt labosco“Choice, not chance, determines your destiny.” ― Aristotle

Before the age of 21, I had 4 orthopedic surgeries. Not only was I told that the injuries were the result of having something wrong with my body, but also that my only options were surgery and/or medications. As a three-sport athlete, this was extremely disempowering and triggered a lot of frustration, anger and hopelessness. Then, at 22 years old, I was told I needed a complete reconstruction on my left ankle and knew I needed to find another way. I set out on my journey to find answers.

As I traveled around the country studying with different health professionals, I quickly realized there were people doing things outside of the traditional model that provided other options. I remember how empowering it was to educate myself and to learn that there were other ways to look at my current situation. This motivated me to learn more and dive into these practices, modalities and teachings in a deep and profound way. Fifteen plus years later, I am now in my late 30s and am physically more capable than I was in my early 20s without any additional surgeries or medications. As the Founder of the Vitality Center and the creator of a new discipline of physical rehabilitation called Corrective Movement Therapy, I see a world of possibilities available for healing the body and more.

As I reflect on hundreds of clients that I’ve helped to rehabilitate orthopedic injuries throughout the years, I see a common thread. There is a transformational moment, for myself and others, when we realize we have a choice. Many of the clients that found me were told they “had to have surgery” or “had to be on medication” for the rest of their life. After evaluating many of these clients, there was nothing more enjoyable than telling them that there were other options AND that they had the power to heal and create a new experience with their body. They were not a slave to their diagnosis, but instead could live fully and not be physically limited the rest of their life.

As I have submersed myself in the teachings of Conscious Transformation over the past 5 years, I have seen this same empowerment theme extend beyond the physical body. The principles offer us a choice when it comes to our inner workings and how our mental and emotional patterns impact our experience of life. Believing we have no choice is the definition of powerless. The consciousness of powerless will only lead to despair, sadness and hopelessness.

Fortunately, the Conscious Transformation system provides tools for empowerment that fundamentally gives you the CHOICE to create your life experience regardless of your past, current state, “diagnosis” or “label.” These experiences do not have to define you or your life going forward. If there is a space in your life that you currently feel hopeless about or powerless in, there is most likely a story or belief that you have no choice – that you are trapped in some way. You can accept or create a different way of thinking about whatever is occurring in your work, in your relationships or in your body. As soon as we acknowledge that we have a choice, we immediately have power. From this place of empowerment, you can create whatever experience you’d like in life by simply choosing to maintain the power of CHOICE.

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