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Intensive TrainingApprentice Program

We invite you to accelerate your own personal transformation while supporting the growth of others. The Apprentice Program is a special intensive opportunity for a group of individuals to personally study with Joey Klein, trainers and the current apprentices, putting you on a path to becoming a certified trainer of Conscious Transformation.

Individuals accepted into the program will receive specialized instruction directly from Joey in an intimate environment. Using the model that Joey has refined over nearly two decades, participants will have the opportunity to build toward a meaningful and financially abundant training and mentoring practice.

"I am humbled, grateful and lit up from the inside out. Now it’s time to start sharing what I’ve learned." – Jenny Harrison


Requirements to stay in good standing in the program as an apprentice and trainer:

  • Have one monthly call with your accountability partner
  • Participate in the Apprentice Training programs twice a year
  • Attend the full Transformation Series weekend programs with Joey each year
  • Attend at least one of either a Transformational Journey or a Mystical Journey each year
  • Participate in regular group training calls
  • Become a Level 1 Certified Conscious Transformation Energy Practitioner and maintain certification
  • Engage in monthly private coaching sessions with Joey or designated trainer (optional, but encouraged)

There are two ways you can fulfill your trainer certification requirements:

Option One: All One-on-Ones

  • Lead 25 unique individuals through the Power of Focus, Power of Emotion, Power of Vision and Power of Intuition. (These can be the same individuals that participated in other Mastery Series with you or different individuals.)
  • Of the people you take through one-on-ones, at least 20% must go on to attend a weekend program.

Option Two: A Mix of One-on-Ones and Inner Matrix Groups

  • Lead 15 Unique Individuals one-on-one through all four parts of the Transformation Series. (As outlined in Option one above, just 15 people through each part of the series vs. 25.)
  • 15 Inner Matrix Groups, with a minimum total number of 50 people across groups (Note: each group must have a minimum of three participants.)
  • Of the people you take through one-one-one and Inner Matrix Groups, at least 20% must go on to attend a weekend program.

In addition to fulfilling one of the above two paths to certification, you must also:

  • Complete the full annual Transformation Series twice.
  • Attend two Transformational Journey programs.
  • Attend two Mystical Journey programs.
  • Continue once monthly calls with Joey or designated trainer (Optional).

You may complete this journey in as much or as little time as you would like; there is no minimum or maximum time requirement for certification.

While there is no prerequisite for application, the ideal candidate is regularly attending programs, is applying the teachings of Conscious Transformation to his or her life in a consistent and committed way, and is inspired to take his or her own personal transformation and service to others to the next level. If accepted into the program, you will need to complete the program requirements before applying for trainer certification, ideally within four years. Please note that completion of these requirements does not guarantee final certification, and that there are ongoing requirements to keep your certification current. We are happy to describe the process to you in more depth if you are interested in learning more.

How to apply

Please fill out THIS FORM to submit the following:

  • Write an essay – no more than three pages – outlining why you want to take part in the Apprentice Program, how you intend to use the teachings and how you plan to apply your training. You can upload your essay in the form.
  • Attach to your essay a list of all programs attended to date as well as any additional programs for which you are currently registered.
  • Submit a list of any volunteer roles you have or are currently serving in, including facilitating Inner Matrix Group(s). If multiple groups, please let us know how many.

Note: An interview with Joey Klein or one of his trainers may be requested upon submission of your application.

Application deadline is October 16, 2019


For more information about this program or the application process, please contact us or call 720-446-5533.


Feb 24

Apprentice Training 2020

February 24, 2020 @ 10:00 am - February 25, 2020 @ 5:00 pm
Aug 31

Apprentice Training 2020

August 31, 2020 @ 10:00 am - September 1, 2020 @ 5:00 pm
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