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Activating Creation Mode By Matt LaBosco


"If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it."Bert Lance


"Good Morning. How can I serve you?"


"I’d like you to help me work on my anxiety."


"You’d like me to help you work on your anxiety?"




"May I ask how long you’ve been working on your anxiety?"


"Over 40 years."


What you are reading was the beginning of a conversation that I had with a client referred to work with me about two years ago. It is a conversation that I will never forget. It was so profound to hear this woman ask me to help her "work" on her anxiety. At that moment, I saw so clearly what focusing on fixing a problem creates for so many people. I told this client that I was not willing to "work" on her anxiety with her, but I was ALL IN on creating more peace and freedom in her life.


When I reflect on working with people inside of the health and wellness industry over the past 20 years, it is apparent that we, as a society are intensely focused and conditioned on fixing our perceived problems. So much so a multi-billion-dollar "Self Help" industry has been created, reinforcing that we have problems in need of fixing while offering countless tools on how to get this accomplished.


Now don’t get me wrong, there are amazing tools out there to leverage. 


Tuning in and becoming aware of the context in which we are operating with these tools is essential.  


Think about a set of tools in a toolbox. Think about the screwdriver, the hammer, the wrench, and the other things you see in a toolbox. What is the first thing that occurs to you when you think of these tools? Does your mind go to all the things you can fix with those tools? Or does the mind start to think of all the things you can CREATE with those tools?


How you occur to the tools will define your experience with them. When you think about the incredibly powerful tools that you learn in the Conscious Transformation system, ask yourself, "How do I relate to the tools? Am I using these tools to fix myself? Or am I leveraging these tools to create something? When I show up for a weekend program, do I go into the weekend thinking, I need to get rid of my SH%T, or I’m here to create and cultivate more love and freedom?" How you occur to the resources/tools that you have access to will directly determine your experience and, ultimately, the outcomes in your life.


When you are operating inside of creation mode, the brain is in a love-based state. It is open, expansive, and sees all the opportunities in the space. You have access to creative and critical thinking. Everything is possible in creation mode.


When you are operating inside of fixing mode, the brain is in a fear-based state. It perceives things as broken, and problems are needing to be solved. These things translate as a threat to the brain. The brain then activates fight or flight, increases adrenaline, turns on emotions like overwhelm, anxiety, and burden, and things suddenly seem very daunting.


What if you just assumed, acknowledged, and accepted you don’t have any problems that you aren’t broken. Recognizing there aren’t aspects of you in need of fixing. Imagine what it would feel like to wake up each morning knowing, without a shadow of a doubt, that there is nothing to fix, no problems to solve, nothing you have to do, and no stress to manage.


Imagine waking up, feeling completely free, full of energy and vitality, and that the only thought crossing your mind being, "What amazing things do I get to create today?!"


No matter where you are in your life today, no matter what is happening or has happened, take on a new perspective. Create a new context of being in creation mode. Use all of your resources of time, money, and talent to create. Leverage all of the tools you have and start asking yourself, "What is possible for me to create this year?"


Drop any idea that you need to fix something, that you need to solve some problem, that there is something wrong with you, or that there are any obstacles in your life preventing you from being happy. Step out of the fixing context. Take on the belief there is nothing to fix because nothing is broken.


As you enter into the new year and reflect on what is possible, I invite you to lock into creation mode. Make 2020 a year of creating because, if it ain’t broke, there is nothing to fix.


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About Matt LaBosco: Matthew has worked in the health and wellness fields for over 20 years. He has a degree in Bio-Psychology from Rutgers College in New Jersey. Matt has devoted his life to studying with world-renowned experts in the fields of nutritional science, movement science, physical rehabilitation, soft tissue therapy, mindfulness and meditation. Currently, he is studying privately, with his mentor Joey Klein, the founder of Conscious Transformation.

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