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Sarah Breedlove


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Sarah BreedloveCertified Trainer

Services Offered – Private Training, Meditation Series Classes, Energy Sessions.

Where Sarah works: Kansas City

Sarah Breedlove consults with private individuals and groups to create ease in posture and all physical activity. She has been sharing the power of body awareness through human anatomy, movement health education, and mindfulness since 1995. Show More

Meditation Series Classes
To support you in anchoring the Transformation Series work, a supporting Meditation Series is taught one-on-one and in small group settings by Conscious Transformation Trainers. Designed as a complement to the in-person Transformation Series, the Meditation Series includes courses on Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual Mastery. Each course has six parts and is taught over 6-12 weeks. Each week includes a teaching, meditation and action plan.

Trainer Mentoring
In addition to the meditation series trainers offer one on one private training to deepen and individualize the experience of the Conscious Transformation Training System to fit your needs.

Sarah Breedlove Upcoming Offerings
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Trainer Mentoring, Sarah Breedlove

Trainer Mentoring Session

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