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Macen Mathews


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Certified TrainerMacen Mathews

Services Offered – Private Training, Meditation Series Classes, Energy Sessions.

Macen has been a business owner since 1992 when he founded Mountain Springs Massage & Integrative Therapies. His focus is on helping individuals develop the skills that support living an active and healthy life, by using long established therapeutic techniques including Qi Gong and Tai Chi Chuan, massage, select vibrational, energetic modalities and gentle one-on-one guidance to produce the outcomes his client desires.

Upon meeting Joey Klein in 2007, Macen recognized the work Joey was teaching as a natural next step in realizing his own vision. Macen became a trainer, certified Conscious Transformation energy practitioner, and later head of the energy practitioner program.

His passion for supporting others has been a guiding light in his work to build community and in teaching. It is this passion to bring people together and inspire them that is the driving force behind his work.

Through the simple and practical application of the teachings and techniques in his life, Macen has seen continual growth and positive changes unfold, for all those he works with and for his own family. The teachings and principles of Conscious Transformation have become the touchstone that guides him as he in turn guides others.

Macen teaches and works with individuals in the Denver metropolitan area.

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