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Jason Schwarz


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Certified TrainerJason Schwarz

Services Offered – Private Training, Meditation Series Classes, Energy Sessions.

Becoming a Certified Trainer and Energy Practitioner has brought profound meaning to Jason’s life.  Along the journey immense transformation has occurred for those in the community he has helped to build.

An accomplished Information Technology (IT) professional, Jason sought to add depth to his existence.  His path led him to Conscious Transformation where he was forever changed by a teacher with a system providing practical application of ancient principles and practices interwoven with modern science and psychology.

Through grassroots efforts, he is bringing curriculum steeping in Mindfulness, Meditation, Emotional Intelligence and Yoga into the workplace and beyond.  It is Jason’s belief in others that inspires them to transform and live their passion and purpose.

Sat 21

Punch Bowl Social – Austin, TX

July 21 @ 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Conscious Transformation