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A Life of Possibility by Jason Schwarz


"Action without vision is only passing time, vision without action is merely day dreaming, but vision with action can change the world." – Nelson Mandela

The demands of the world today are seemingly greater than ever. On a daily basis one is met with the challenge of his or her role as a parent, student, spouse, artist, employee, manager, business owner, while at the same time tending to the house, car, kids, finances, technology, and somehow keeping it all together. What I write is likely nothing new to you. You may have already been asking, what is the solution? How do I adjust to the demands of the world today and actually create the life that I choose?

It is not technology or gadgets, which will be the solution. These discoveries and devices are only amplifiers of the people and society wielding them. Has the world become less complicated since the inception of the smart phone?

Through Conscious Transformation, I have trained two key areas that helped create success in adjusting to the world or more properly, have the world adjusting to me: Capacity, the ability to expand on my limits, and Coherence, the ability to co-create with others.

According to Neale Donald Walsch, "Life begins at the end of your comfort zone." Human beings, by definition, are creatures of habit and routine. Our most deeply entrenched autonomic systems desire solely for us just to survive and live another day. Choosing to create something new is in direct contention with our natural fight or flight response to change. How we relate to this particular fear is significant and it will make the difference between living the life known or the life possible.

When I first engaged in Conscious Transformation, I was living the same life I had known for the better part of a decade:  same job, house, relationship. My efforts were going toward sustaining the life that I knew, but for what? Fleeting moments of happiness.

The thing that scared me most was that which I now know brings the most fulfillment — creating the life that is truly possible. The life possible requires building capacity. To build capacity, people often focus on the external: doing and accomplishing more. While that is a piece, by far the more important focus is on the internal training.

I first must declare where I am headed, then train myself and finally, be relentless in the pursuit of that destination that I declared. It all sounds easy on paper, but in practice such immense resistance can occur, especially when I’m on the edge of my comfort zone.  

Something really funny happens when I break through. I see how small I was keeping myself and how much more is now possible. That possibility is the alignment of my internal state, or in this work, we often refer to it as the embodiment of vision. In this place, the external actions can be undertaken with much more ease as I’m no longer creating resistance. I become much more efficient with my most important resource, time.

Over the years of engaging in this process again and again, I’ve seen myself create abundance in the form of new jobs, an amazing relationship with my beloved, deeply connected community, profound friendships and greater states of peace, joy and fulfillment. The process required me to be willing to go beyond what my current capacity was, again and again. Each time I stepped into something far greater than I could have realized from the start. And in those moments of fear and doubt, I was blessed to have wonderful resources and fellow mentors around me to nudge me back into alignment.

This brings me to my second key for success to help navigate the world: coherence. Yes, I could build capacity in myself but without the ability to create with others, I would be lost, and in the past, I have been. To step into something far greater than I have known, requires allies along the way.

Many of us are familiar with the ancient African proverb, "It takes a village." I have been humbled on this journey to realize that it absolutely does.

"You can’t rely on anyone else!" was part of my childhood training. It was shared in words and actions such as my mother teaching me how to do just about every household chore, manage money, run a business and even win disputes with the IRS. My upbringing became filled with concepts that I had to "be the best" or "know how to do everything" because it would place me in a position where I could control the destination of my life. "Control is power."

However, in today’s world there is simply no way to control every detail of one’s life. Was there ever? And, if you’ve ever attempted to do so, it is perhaps one of the most maddening tasks to undertake.

Humans did not make it to the top of the food chain by operating in solitude. Our ancestors learned how to hunt in packs. They recruited animals including dogs and birds to assist. If ever a human was alone, most likely it meant death. Somehow in our modern society, we have lost this notion of unity. We have valued being overly-independent as a notion for strength.

Years ago, I took pride in feeling special, driven by those early entrenched concepts of "being the best."  In my career, as a Computer Engineer, I quickly became an expert in my field. But, I never felt connected to my team and my team never could count on me. Through training coherence, I learned that this had nothing to do with my technical abilities, but with the way that I was showing up with the team. I began to recognize and acknowledge the strengths of others. I found ways to collaborate. I realized that I knew less than I thought. My colleagues had so much value to offer and when working together we formed a very efficient and productive team. I learned that collaboration is not a weakness; it is actually far stronger than I realized.

What I have found immensely valuable about Conscious Transformation is that it trains ancient lost principles, and one of which is the ability to create together. To create something great, we must create together. We must have a mix of individual capacity, as referenced previously, along with humility, selflessness and a willingness to drive together.

Whether you’re a professional in corporate, own a business or tend the family, training Capacity and Coherence are essential. Perhaps in your current life you wake up in the morning not knowing what life has in store for you. What if you could approach each day with a knowing that you’ve chosen your direction, you’ve trained your capacity and you’re equipped to deal with the opportunities and challenges that come your way? Life may become a different ride, a different adventure, full of wonder and possibilities.

The life that I know today has been made possible through my years of training in Conscious Transformation. What do you choose to create for yourself? If you are willing, dare to create a life beyond what you’ve known.

Open up to ALL that is Possible in Your Life!

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Jason Schwarz An accomplished Information Technology (IT) professional, Jason sought to add depth to his existence. His path led him to Conscious Transformation where he was forever changed by a teacher with a system providing practical application of ancient principles and practices interwoven with modern science and psychology.


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