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A Life Beyond Fine: My Journey Toward Freedom and Vitality by Laina Eskin


"To keep the body in good health is a duty, otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear." – Buddha

As I sipped my tea this morning, I reflected on a simple yet meaningful recent encounter. I was on the phone with an old friend that I hadn’t spoken with in quite some time. Everything in the conversation was normal and she shared that she and her family were "fine." As she asked me how my husband and I were doing, the automated response of, "We are fine" almost fell right out of my mouth. As I paused for a moment, I realized that "fine" could not possibly describe how my life was going. It was more honest to say that my life was amazing. So, I shared with her authentically. "I am feeling super passionate and fulfilled in my life right now and I am so grateful for every aspect of it!" There was a long pause on the other end of the line. It was as if she didn’t know how to respond. I realized that we had always been living a life that was "fine" or "okay," and neither of us thought anything of it. But now that I know something more fulfilling exists, it is hard to imagine that "fine" was considered an acceptable way to experience life.

Five years ago, everything in my life looked great on the outside. I had a great husband, a beautiful home, a new business and the ability to play in the outdoors doing all the things I loved. Skiing, biking, hiking with my dog and working to grow my new business consumed my life. What’s not to love, right?

I opened my business to provide clients with a unique approach to healing the body. As a licensed physical therapist and Pilates instructor, I discovered a missing link that enabled me to heal the debilitating back issues that I had in my twenties. This method focuses on assessing whole body movement patterns and biomechanics to treat and heal injuries and improve performance. I was excited to share this methodology with my community, however, there were many things holding me back from doing this fully.

I was living a stressed out, overwhelmed, anxiety ridden life. I worried constantly about my business, finances, relationships and health. And despite my constant efforts to be healthy, my thyroid was not functioning well and I had been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. I was frustrated and exhausted, but I continued to show up for my family and business with a smile on my face. My house of cards was ready to crumble.

I met Mandy Benedict, when I hired her company, Ruggs Benedict, to install the floors in my new office space. From the beginning, I was amazed at how peaceful and joyful Mandy was throughout the process, even when there were issues. Mandy resolved them quickly and calmly with her incredible support and wisdom. I learned then that she teaches meditation and was looking for a place to hold a six-week long meditation program called Mental Mastery. This was my first introduction to Conscious Transformation. Mandy explained that Mental Mastery teaches powerful, practical strategies to train the mind and create vision around any aspect of life where a more fulfilling experience is desired. I instantly knew that my office would be a great spot to host this class, and I was excited at the value it would bring to participants.

During Mental Mastery, I developed a consistent meditation practice and noticed that the stress and anxiety that had been a huge part of my life was starting to fall away. I felt a greater sense of calm and a newfound passion for my business. In this new emotional space, I noticed that I had more energy, my business started to pick up and my experience of work changed significantly. With the added enthusiasm and a reinforced commitment to my daily meditation, I found it much easier to make the necessary changes in my nutrition regime, my fitness routine and the supplements I was taking to support optimal healing.

In the years to come, supported by the Conscious Transformation programs and mentors, my health improved and my doctor informed me that I no longer had the autoimmune disease that I was diagnosed with years ago. I was ecstatic and began to see health in a whole new light. I felt compelled to share the practices I had learned with everyone who came into my office seeking relief from pain in their bodies, and even changing my practice to include developing optimal mental and emotional well-being as part of my healing modality.

Each day, I witness tremendous improvements in clients’ physical health and hear countless stories of other ways their lives have improved. I am inspired by each person that experiences the benefits of our approach and moves towards a new way of being in their bodies and their lives.

I am truly grateful for my journey and see all the opportunities that have been created because of this work. I am fully committed to sharing the tools I have learned through Conscious Transformation and to support those around me to create something exceptional for themselves. I hope to inspire others to experience the sense of connection, love and fulfillment in life that I have found. With these powerful qualities as part of everyday life, when asked how you are doing, the response "I’m fine" can authentically change to, "My life is amazing! Thank you for asking."

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Laina Eskin is a trainer in Edwards, Colorado. The teachings of Conscious Transformation are important to her with a strong emphasis on how the mind and emotions have a tremendous impact on our physical wellness. She brings the practices into her offerings as a Physical Therapist.

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