Lori Schlotzhauer

Lori is a certified Conscious Transformation Energy practitioner and meditation coach with expertise in physical therapy. She is the founder and owner of Health+Harmony in Denver, Colorado. Since the inception of Health+Harmony in 2006, Lori has provided an integrative approach for her clients, while treating them in a nurturing, comforting environment. Her skills provide her clients everything from pain relief to decreased anxiety and increased peace, typically in a short period of time.

Lori has been using the tools of Conscious Transformation since 2007 and has been a Conscious Transformation Energy practitioner since 2010. The teachings of Conscious Transformation are important to her as she believes it to be the answer to true, long lasting transformation. Using these tools, Lori has created much peace, love and freedom in her life. For this reason, she is passionate about sharing this knowledge with others.


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Mentoring sessions are one on one customized private training calls with a certified Conscious Transformation Trainer to support you in creating the extraordinary experience you wish to have in life.